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Teresa HR Lane, collage artist. Aspires to present a visual equality by disrupting our comfortable gaze. Motivated by the immediate, the sublime and an abundant collection of carefully selected printed matter, Lane confounds our expectations of the figurative and landscape by dismembering and reassembling with an intricate photographic mixed media collage practice, ‘painting with paper’, and ‘drawing with scissors’, offering the viewer an alternative vision, interwoven into an ethereal place, imagined but firmly entrenched in reality, heavily peppered with her irreverent humour.


After a long absence from the land where she grew up, Lane has reacquainted herself with the rural, relocating from central Auckland to a small corner of a retired sheep farm in Te Tai Tokerau. Here Lane’s practice has dramatically shifted into a new landscape, inspired by the absent Kauri, the silent birdcall and a land now naked, covered with nothing but livestock. 


Finding inspiration  through her poignant selection of locally sourced material, with Books on Kauri logging, early farming, native birds identification, the natural world, and Magazines, Art Auction Catalogues,  Forest and Bird all 

presenting a new set of questions.


Here she continues on from her previous show ‘With Out End’ 2021, with these new works considering her own statement  “look what we did to your land” as she begins to examine the state of this visual paradise that is not only physically scared but also seeped in a complex history of misunderstanding and unresolved conflict between Māori and Pākehā. In this body of work, Lanes’ familiar use of the nude morphs with native birds and shifts into this new landscape; questioning her relationship and responsibility to this land, starting with reconstructing a distinctive sense of place, both surreal and absurd collages. 

Current Exhibitions

Deeply Sorry Future

Megan Dickinson Gallery 

13th May - 11th June 2022

Future Exhibitions

Sanderson Contemporary 

September 2022


Past Exhibitions 


Northland Artists, Group Show

Megan Dickinson Gallery

December 2021

Without End

Sanderson Gallery, Auckland

8th September - 3rd October 2021

Love In The Time

Sanderson Gallery, Auckland

14 July - 8th August 2019

Oh My, God

Sanderson Gallery, Auckland

30 July - 18th August 2019

A Picture Says 400 Words

Comet Project Space

17th August 2019

Akepiro Indie 500, Auckland Artweek

Studio Art Sale @ Akepiro Studio

19th October 2019

2019 April, Allpress Studio, Auckland

Ive Hidden Your Knickers Under Here (where the boys won't see)

2019 March Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards, Whakatane/Masterton

Raising of The Brazen Snake


2018 April , Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne

Nevermind The Apocalypse

2017 December,  MFA, Elam Graduate Show,

How Can I Seduce You

2017 November , Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne


2017 October, Blikfang Gallery, Auckland

Gods Becoming Men

2017, October/November  Wallace Awards, Auckland

Travelling Show Group Show


2017 March Thievery Studio, Auckland
Same As It Ever Was

2016 October Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland
The Intellectual Fashion Show - Group Show

2016 October Window @ International Art Centre for Auckland Artweek, Auckland
B(v) = (n-1/1)v The theorem of how to harness auction fever 

2016 May Woo Space - Beijing China
Group Show

2016 February Allpress Studio - Auckland
You Really Had To BeThere – solo show

2016 February Paul Nache Gallery - Gisborne
Graffiti Lounge – Group Show

2015 April Milford Gallery - Dunedin
Men @ Work – solo show

2014 August Milford Gallery - Dunedin
New Artists – group show

2014 July Allpress Gallery - Auckland 
The Might of Meekness – solo show

2013 - February Artstation - Auckland,
Behind Closed Door – solo show


Finalist - National Contemporary Awards 2019

Runner Up Akel Shulte Award - Molly Morpeth Canaday Awards 2019

Finalist - Wallace Awards 2017


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