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Workshops by Teresa HR Lane 

The Art of Collage, Painting with Paper, Drawing with Scissors

Evening Workshop

Weeks of Mondays,

5.30pm – 8.30pm,

July 17th – 21st August 2023,

$240 for all six workshops

Reyburn House Studios, 17 Reyburn House Lane, Whangarei

Weekend Workshop

Saturday & Sunday,

10am – 4pm,

29th – 30th July 2023,

$240 for weekend. Lunch included.

Teresa HR Lane Studios, 1405 Matauri Bay Road, Matauri Bay

Join artist Teresa HR Lane for a collage workshop where she will introduce you to her method of painting with paper, drawing with scissors, inspiring you to create a series of collage works under her guidance. These informative and experimental workshops include: an introduction to the history of collage; exploration into past and present artist models; understanding how to source and select suitable material;  experimenting with the cut and paste; insight into how to confidently navigate between artistic concepts and creating final works. These are all ‘hands on’ workshops and suitable for all levels of experience.   What to bring: a selection of printed material sourced from magazines, books, photographs and the internet that can be cut up and stuck down. You will also need scissors, scalpel, glue, ruler, pens and pencils to start.

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